Zero In On Your Target Market With Retargeting

It’s never been more important to be where your customers are, anticipate their needs before they arise, and provide useful communications that invite further brand exploration. The question then becomes – how do you do that well in a world of finite resources? While crafting personas can provide a good starting point for your strategy, it can’t perfectly predict user behavior.

One solution worth considering is retargeting. Read on for three reasons why retargeting should be a part of your marketing campaign.

Retargeting allows you to focus

Retargeting allows you to focus on that portion of your audience that views your ads and messaging and then provides those users with an easy way to investigate further. It is the equivalent of a salesperson noticing browsing behavior and asking if they can help the customer find something. Interest has been established, but the hesitant consumer still may not take that next step unless prompted.

Retargeting is effective

One study found that retargeting increased web traffic by 700%.* Ads retargeted are also 3 times more likely to be clicked than ads not retargeted.** In general, retargeting increases brand awareness and works to generate brand interest.

Retargeting works best when combined with other marketing tactics

Studies have found that retargeting is most effective when it is complemented by other techniques like email and social media marketing efforts. In fact, in a recent study, Mailchimp found that retargeting was 50% more effective when combined with other tactics.*** When it utilizes a clear and strong call to action, a retargeting message can encourage your target market to take the next step.

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