Article Extenders

Digital Extenders

Deepen the impact and increase visibility of your content with digital extenders that attract and engage readers.


Deliver critical information at-a-glance by partnering with Sage to create engaging infographics that enrich your manuscripts. Infographics are ideal for reinforcing core concepts, simplifying complex content and summarizing key research findings.




Enhance your narratives with video abstracts that boost engagement with your article. Working with Sage takes the hassle out of video production and yields a 2-3 minute video asset that’s ideal for sharing on social media or in presentations in a matter of weeks, not months. The video package features a support kit that includes a video script and audio file.



Plain-Language Summaries

Broaden the audience for your articles with plain-language summaries that make content more accessible for learners. Written by article authors and peer-reviewed concurrently with the article by a PLS reviewer, plain language summaries are published as additions to articles, with open access for all.



Plain Language Summaries of Publications (PLS-Ps)

Deepen your commitment to greater accessibility with plain-language summaries of publications (PLS-Ps). Available for key Sage journals, PLS-Ps are complete, stand-alone, peer-reviewed articles written in approachable, non-technical language. PLS-Ps may summarize any article, including existing articles from other publications or publishers, and have their own DOI, making them taggable and fully citable for databases and searches.


  • Written by the authors of the original publication; or relevant subject matter experts
  • Considered an Acceptable Secondary Publication in the ICMJE guidelines
  • Downloadable at no cost by any reader under a Creative Commons Open Access license