Thinking Outside The Box

By Chris Bennett, President & CEO, Ibis Labs, Inc.

It’s easy to fall into old habits. Whether it’s your wakeup routine, weekly exercise program, or system for notetaking, routines minimize our need to expend valuable resources that are better spent accomplishing other tasks. Unfortunately, routines can also diminish the desire to create, discover, and improve.

Consider eprints for a minute. The term “eprint” is synonymous with an online hosted article and represents the most common commercial solution for the digital distribution of articles. The standard eprint platform in the world of STM publishing was introduced and widely adopted nearly 15 years ago – and has not evolved since.

This common eprint solution:

  • fails to leverage the capabilities of today’s technology
  • fails to deliver the data promise inherent with digitally native services
  • fails to add value beyond its core presentation function

Life science customers have had little choice in the matter. In short, eprints have become routine.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Enter Engraffo.

Engraffo has sought to modernize and displace this outdated solution, offering disseminators a new experience that delivers insightful data, link functionality, and presentation features – all of which can help life science companies better and more effectively engage HCPs.

We have deployed and staged use cases that would be impossible to execute with legacy products. Features include:

  • Presenting multiple media files (articles, video, audio, image, etc.) on the same page
  • Providing article summaries
  • Including sales rep bios
  • Linking between projects
  • Giving access to custom lead generation forms

Our eprints accomplish all this while collecting and presenting insightful usage statistics and offering unlimited project segmentation.

Engraffo has flipped the script, but the challenge of unseating old routines persists.

For disseminators, the challenge is breaking the norm and thinking outside the very rigid box that has suppressed creativity.

Training customers to consider an eprint project as a blank canvas can be a tall order from a marketing standpoint.

Furthermore, maximizing this option can involve planning for the creation and/or approval of new assets. From an analytics perspective, understanding how engagement data can inform decision-making requires product education and the ability to connect the dots between data and action.

We understand these challenges and are committed to helping you overcome them.

Engraffo provides the tools and insight to support any strategy most effectively and most creatively – and then measure your success. Engraffo does not confine marketing opportunities and can be changed mid-stream. We’ve got you covered whether you need to append a supplement after link activation or add a new marketing channel and gauge its performance.

If your company has been sharing articles the same way since 2010 and is ready to transform the marketing and presentation experience of your eprints, now is the time to work with SAGE and Engraffo.