Social Media – How You Can Be Part Of The Conversation

Increasingly, professionals are making use of online platforms that incorporate options for communicating, exploring, and engaging with providers offering solutions to their major pain points. HCPs are no exception.

Spoiler alert: They aren’t always what you might expect.

Research suggests that, in the new operating environment of 2022, HCPs want togetherness. Read on for three powerful ways to be part of the conversation.


Like a highway with an infinite number of entrance ramps, social media is about customers with different journeys connecting to a larger stream of ideas and perspectives; a shared space where they can have a dialogue. HCPs want connections with sources they can trust. This requires openness and authenticity as well as the ability to listen actively.


We all must take turns being in the driver’s seat. In a world of rising expectations and finite resources, collaboration is king—and HCPs want it now more than ever. Research from Reuters* shows that 81% of HCPs view social media as, “a trusted channel for scientific exchange.” Today’s security protocols allow vetted healthcare partners to communicate freely in an increasingly distributed environment.

What began as a challenge presents a unique opportunity to the savvy marketer. Many practitioners are digital natives and thrive in these communal spaces. Engaging with them on their own terms in the places they frequent is the key to developing a long-term relationship.


Ever find yourself scouring site after site for all the relevant information needed to make the right decision? It can be a bit like piecing together a road map. Your pain points are often your customers’ pain points.

You can change the dynamic by establishing yourself as reputable, and you can do this by ensuring that your data is collocated or made accessible in a single space. Consider using hashtags, creating landing pages for every segment you want to serve, and making it easy to request more information.

Your customers will thank you.

We are all on this winding road together, and it can be difficult to see what’s just around the bend. Let SAGE help you navigate the twists and turns. Think of us as your GPS-your Generator of Personalized Solutions.

So what do you say? Ready to have a conversation?

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