Creating Personas

Recent research* suggests that 70% of HCPs are digital natives and prefer to use multiple channels when conducting research, communicating with peers, and seeking solutions. They are effectively multichannel and want to give their business to firms that are willing to meet them in this new space.

Despite this development, an astounding 92%** of respondents in the pharmaceutical industry rate multichannel marketing as a significant business challenge. The problem is that HCPs are no longer in a single space.

In this new environment, it becomes necessary to understand what it really means to be multichannel. Too often, this is understood as being “everything to everyone,” which is usually not possible. The real meaning is something closer to being “in all the places your target audience frequents,” perhaps even embedded as a resource to be consulted.

We’ve done the heavy lifting of breaking down multichannel for you and highlighted some best practices. Read on for ideas you can integrate into your sales approach now. First up -personas.

Why personas?

Who are you trying to reach? Where are they located physically? What information channels do they tend to rely on? Are their needs more uniform or diverse? What media formats do they prefer? What social media sites are they on, and when? How are they using these platforms?

Personas are the perfect way to create a composite of needs and use them to craft marketing messages that intrigue, convince, and inspire.

Hubspot*** takes on the topic head-on. They also provide a free template for creating your own personas.

One of the biggest takeaways is that personas are useful for identifying who you serve and who you don’t serve.

While HCPs are increasingly using multiple channels, not all segments will be profitable to serve. Personas are “character profiles” that help you address the needs you are best at addressing in a results-driven way.

Feeling a little overwhelmed?

We can help!

Sage provides a wide range of solutions that reach your customers where they are. We know your pain points and are dedicated to helping you know theirs.

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