Channeling The Power Of The Channel Buy

Imagine this scenario: You’ve done your research, created some amazing products and services that respond directly to HCP pain points, and are committed to reaching your target markets where they are. The trouble is – they aren’t all in one place.

What’s your next move?

In a world of finite resources, strategy matters–and so do the tactics you select to implement it. One such tactic that is gaining traction is the channel buy. This approach epitomizes the idea of, “work smart, not hard.”

Read on for three ways that channel buys can help you do more with less–while reaching key decision-makers, wherever they happen to be.

Channel buys reach a higher percentage of the target audience

HCPs aren’t all in one place. Journal preference means that even specialists read some journals and forego others. Furthermore, generalists tend to read across several disciplines and specialties. Channel buys allow you to reach more potential customers with messaging that persuades them to investigate your brand.

Channel buys give you more bang for your buck

Channel buys often allow you access to multiple journals at a fraction of what you’d pay to reach them each separately. Ads that navigate across titles also save you valuable time that can be better spent on some other business task.

Channel buys help increase brand recognition

Finally, it is important to remember that many HCPs work across specialties and read a wide range of journals. Channel buys allow you to increase brand recognition within this audience by putting your logo and messaging in front of them more than once.

When done right, channel buys allow you to do more with less. This begs the question: What is required to “do it right?”

The answer is trust. This is where we come in.

In a recent article, HubSpot notes that, “If your channel partner is already well-known…, you don’t have to do the work of establishing a brand presence. Your product will already seem more credible because of their endorsement.”*

SAGE’s journals are well-regarded and attract the attention of leaders in their fields. A channel buy is the perfect way to reach HCPs where they are, show them what your brand has to offer and make connections that invite deeper engagement.

Interested in discussing the channel buy possibilities for your brand? SAGE offers opportunities to buy ads that navigate across journal titles. Get in touch today for more information!

*Frost, A. (2022, March 24). The Ultimate Guide to Channel Sales. HubSpot Blog. Retrieved May 6, 2022, from